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ZAHA, which means “heart”, refers to the passion that drives us to make these wines at the IG Paraje Altamira. Cabernet Sauvignon is among the most widely planted red vines in Argentina. In his cradle of French origin, Pauillac; and in general throughout the Bordeaux area it is part of the great courts of
appeal, although it is also planted in all regions of the world.
This variety joins our collection of Paraje Altamira wines from our Toko vineyard. We start in mid-March to draw the first freshest and wildest aromas of the variety. We continue a few weeks later, and this time we get a network of solid and refined tannins that go giving shape and color to your silhouette. Finally we make a final harvest to increase the fruity edge, concentration and weight in the mouth. Rated 94 Points Lisa's Staff.

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