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North America's premier cool-climate winegrowing region.

Heron Hill
New York's Finger Lakes region has glacier-sculpted landscapes, ideal microclimates, and gifted winegrowers to produce fresh, vibrant wines, including world-class Rieslings.

Heron Hill cultivates its grapes from three different vineyard sites encompassing a total of 43 acres including 16 acres of grapevines onsite, 23.5 acres of vinifera grapevines from our owner’s Ingle Vineyard, and 3 acres from Macri Vineyard located on the west side of Canandaigua Lake.


Vineyards of the Region
Good wine always begins in the vineyard. Our prime grape-growing land lies within a distinct geographic region just south of Lake Ontario in central New York. The deep Finger Lakes run north-south, providing prime grape-growing sites on their eastern and western slopes. Lying at various elevations and distances from the water, our vineyard landscape provides a quilt of distinct sites and terroirs, all of which contribute to the range and complexity of our wines.

Most Finger Lakes wineries are small businesses, family-owned and operated. A shared passion for their craft inspires wine producers to collaborate, contributing to the artisanal spirit of finely crafted, delicious, and food-friendly wines.


the anatomy of a
Winegrowing Region

Hundreds of thousands of years in the making, the Finger Lakes were carved out by successive waves of glaciers. These large and deep freshwater lakes and the soil deposits surrounding them are the glaciers' gifts to modern winemakers. The massive bodies of water, visible from our vineyards, have a profound effect on the grapes. During the winter, cold air drains naturally from the sloping vineyards to the lakes. In spring, cool air bathes the vines, delaying the start of the growing season so that the tender shoots are not injured by late frosts. In the fall, the sun-warmed lakes prevent early frosts and extend the growing season.



Ready to taste?
Heron Hill currently produces six different labels encompassing different qualities and features, each label is unique in the style, varietals, and winemaking techniques utilized to create each wine within that series.

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Wine Spectator
"From dry to sweet versions, the Finger Lakes is slowly but steadily cementing its reputation as this country's best source for Riesling."


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