Lisa’s Liquor Barn proudly offers a variety of wines including
a large assortment of New York State Wines. Our handpicked collection includes high-quality options
from various wineries located in the Finger Lakes region.

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Each winery offers its own special contribution and at Lisa’s, you’ll be able to explore our vast selection and savor these exceptional wines.


The Cayuga Lake Wine Trail is located in the center of the Finger Lakes and provides an array of award-winning wines.
Hosmer Winery has been in production since 1985, housing grapevines planted more than 40 years ago! Their top tier grape cultivating and winemaking is paired with a focus on consideration for the environment and sustainability. Their experience and artistry has allowed them to process critically acclaimed wines and successfully operate for decades.

Another exemplary Cayuga Lake Trail winery is Swedish Hill winery. This remarkable winery is a three-time Governor’s Cup winner and continues to impress with a plethora of different options ranging from classics to original new creations. The Thirsty Owl is yet another stunning Cayuga Lake Trail winery, boasting multiple awards and recognition due to their fine Rieslings, Pinot Noirs, and multiple special blends. These three stellar wineries are just an introduction to what the Finger Lakes region has to offer.


The Seneca Lake Wine Trail includes 35 wineries, the most wineries out of any of the Finger Lake Trails. One of these wineries is the Three Brothers Wineries, which includes three distinctive wineries all within one estate and offers an abundance of choices. They have thrived due to their wine production expertise and passion to keep things fresh. Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards rests on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail and offers an array of expressive and unique blends. Six generations have employed their mastery in winemaking to result in a number of unforgettable bottles.


Another Seneca Lake winery includes Forge Cellars. Forge Cellars is made up of friends with a common goal: to grow grapes and handcraft wines of interest and value that perfectly balance minerality, aromatics and fruit to reflect the exceptional  terroir of southeast Seneca Lake. Each vintage is viewed as an opportunity to express the region — to reflect its soils, cool climate, and diverse terroir.

Lisa's Liquor Barn was fortunate to have the Rick Rainey, Forge Cellar's Managing Partner, come in for a tasting event recently. Born in Florida, Rick came to the Finger Lakes by way of the Philadelphia restaurant industry with the aim of someday owning a winery. For more than two decades, Rick has been involved in all aspects of the distribution business, from his role as a wine buyer for a French portfolio to managing a team of nine sales people. He naturally gravitates to working in partnership with growers and alongside the vines but also enjoys the cellar, as it is the culmination of all their hard work.

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Exploring Keuka Lake Wine Trail will introduce you to Heron Hill Winery and Hunt Country Vineyards. Heron Hill Winery operates sustainable and nature-friendly vineyards and creates renowned Rieslings, Cabernet Francs, Roses, and Chardonnays. Hunt Country Vineyards has a rich history of grape cultivating and winemaking. They continually produce quality wines and offer a large variety of bottles all with their own unique tastes and charms. Both wineries are experienced in their craft and offer an eccentric lineup of great-tasting wines!


Transport yourself to these beautiful Finger Lake Region wineries by browsing Lisa’s hand-selected New York State wines! Feel the fresh air and taste the meticulously cared for grape vineyards and artful craftsmanship in every bottle. With Lisa’s huge collection of different wine types, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

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