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America has always loved rhyming brands: 7-Eleven, Famous Amos, Piggly Wiggly, Reese’s Pieces and Payday for example. We’re proud to present a new one. Introducing USA Cabernet. USA Cabernet doesn’t just rhyme, it forms a perfect complement. Like stars and stripes. This distinctive wine is a smooth, bold, easy drinking cabernet with aromas of blackberry and black currant, followed by rich fruit flavors, and ends, of course, on notes of the Star Spangled Banner. USA Cabernet is America’s newest big wine brand, and one that celebrates the nation that nourished it. This is a wine for every American, (over the age of 21 of course) – from sea to shining sea.


USA Cabernet is produced in the Golden State’s heartland, Lodi, California, a working-class town that makes world-class wines. Like the rest of America’s heartland, we don’t aim for pretension or snobbery. We just work hard at being good. Our origins may be modest; our ambitions are anything but. We simply want to be America’s favorite cabernet.


Just how American is USA Cabernet? Well, it’s rumored to be made from red, white and blue grapes. It pairs nicely with big game tailgating, family barbecues or lakeside fireworks on the Fourth of July. It’s the perfect complement for Texas chili, Philly cheese steak, Yankee pot roast, Maryland crab cakes, Kansas City burnt ends, New Orleans gumbo or Alabama catfish. Soon, you’ll be seeing it everywhere. On a picnic blanket in the park. On a kitchen table during March Madness. At outdoor country music concerts and State Fairs. In both luxury suites and RVs. Wherever Americans gather, whatever they eat, USA Cabernet is there to help you celebrate with friends and family.

Stop in today to learn more, or give us a call at 585-377-1860. You can also write to us via email through our website’s contact page. Thanks for making Lisa’s Liquor Barn the best place to shop for wine and spirits in Rochester!

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