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This gin is very juniper-forward. When we were blending together the distillates, we found that we really loved the character of the juniper distillate, so we continued to up its portion, however, because of the specific variety of Italian juniper we used, the overall profile is very different from any London Dry or other juniper heavy gin we’ve tasted before.

Macerations/infusions: Italian juniper, Italian lemon peel, Italian orange peel, Austrian ginger, Austrian rosemary, Austrian wild apple, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, & long pepper 

Notes on production: In order to find the right balance of juniper to citrus to botanicals this gin was distilled in three separate macerations and blended post distillation. The reason for this is certain compounds in each ingredient respond differently in a still. For example, many of the root botanicals begin to present a bitter taste sooner in a distillation run than juniper or citrus. By splitting the distillations, we were able to target the specific compounds and flavors desired from each of the ingredient areas (juniper, citrus, botanical). Rated 95 Points Lisa's Staff.

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