2021 Forge Cellars Arlo Cabernet Franc 750ml

With complete candor, we can admit that our fascination with “collecting sites” can sometimes seem a bit crazy. Despite the possibility that we truly are a bit mad, the utter joy of watching people discover and connect with different vineyards is unparalleled. Certain sites speak more deeply to some people than others, favorite bottlings are born, and fond memories are recounted. This is the beauty of bottling up such a diverse region, in all of the wines we produce, you can be transported to many places, feel nostalgia from a particular flavor or smell, and experience the thrill of finding “the one” in the lineup.

After our experiences with Willow Cabernet Franc in 2019 and 2020, our collective interest in expanding our work with this grape was without question, and when an old friend and farmer came to us with an opportunity to procure Cabernet Franc grapes from him, we leapt. Arlo Ringsmuth’s family farm is located in Hector, between Leidenfrost and Breakneck Creek. Planted in 2016, it’s a site that reveals a deep, dark, voluptuous side of Cabernet Franc.

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