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Chandon Argentina Brut – the heart of Garden Spritz – is an exceptional sparkling wine crafted using Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and a touch of Semillon. Its complexity, balance, and full six atmospheres of pressure give it superior quality versus the inexpensive fizz you find in a typical spritz. The dosage itself is a hand-crafted blend of dried Valencia orange peels macerated in a spirit made from Chandon grapes. This sweet-tart citric expression is complemented by cardamom’s slightly sweet herbal notes, amargo’s subtle bitterness, chamomile’s delicate floral notes, and black pepper’s warm spice, as well as other specially-selected herbs and spices from the best terroirs in the world. This gives Garden Spritz complexity and bitterness that is authentic to Argentina, authentic to the world of Chandon, and utterly delicious.

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