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There is a long history of adding herbs and flavoring to sake in Japan, the same way aromatized wines came into being in Europe. It was believed that herbs and spices blended with alcohol were curative and, for more pragmatic reasons, often served to make the wine or sake taste better. Oka Brand Japanese Bermutto keeps with this tradition by fortifying Junmai Sake with rice shochu. The fortified sake is acidified with Yuzu and Kabosu, and Sansho Peppercorn and Yomogi (Japanese Mugwort) add further complexity and light bitterness. The result is a decidedly Japanese take on vermouth with warming spices and sage on the nose, mellow citrus on the mid-palate,  and a grassy finish with lean bitterness and lingering hints of yeast. 18% ABV. SAKE VERMOUTH STYLE

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