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The newest addition to our portfolio, Espolòn® Cristalino is a passion project years in the making. We are proud and honored to share Maestro Tequilero, Cirilo  ropeza’s nal creation. Giving our Cristalino its name, this unique blend of Añejo with a touch of extra Añejo tequila is artfully ltered through charcoal, for the shortest  mount of time possible to retain its signature avor, while removing both harsh notes and color. This process leaves us with a crystalline-smooth and avorful liquid. This delicious sipping tequila will expand consumption for loyalists, connoisseurs and experts, while providing an approachable avor prole for drinkers new to the tequila  category. Continuing Espolòn’s tradition of telling Mexican stories on our packaging, this new bottle shares the Mayan ritual of offering precious objects into Cenotes, with the world.

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