The days get longer, fresh produce crowds the markets, and everything’s coming up rosé. Summertime meals and weather call for lighter wines than the deep, inky reds we love for fall and winter; and if you’re looking for some lovely new options, Lisa’s Liquor Barn has it all. We’ve tasted plenty of rosés, selected the best to offer to you, and there’s something for everyone; whether you’re looking for dry, sweet, affordable, or even a special occasion rosé.

Pouring rosé in a pair of glasses during the summer.

Rosé wines are a special category. They’re made from red grapes, and because the juice from those grapes spends very little time in contact with the skins – the part of the grape that holds the color – they pick up a pink hue, rather than the deeper red-purple that results from extended skin contact. Rosés are typically served chilled, so they’re the perfect refreshing accompaniment to lighter summer fare. Grilled chicken or fish and garden-fresh veggies are beautiful with rosé. They’re also the perfect party wines; they’re crowd pleasers that go with everything from burgers to Caesar salad.

Some people see pink wine and assume it’s sweet, but most rosé is actually delightfully dry. We do stock rosés on the sweeter wide as well, so if you’re curious about how dry or sweet a bottle is, ask one of our knowledgeable staff members, and we’ll be happy to find you a rosé you’ll enjoy.

Here are a few of our favorite bottles of rosé to try this summer:

●     Whispering Angel Rosé – Elegant, polished, and delightfully fresh, this rosé displays hints of berries and is a delightful, dry complement to a special meal. $22.99

●     Diving into Hampton Water Rosé – This cheeky French rosé is medium-bodied, with notes of white cherry, melon, and strawberry. Wine Enthusiast rated it 91 points, and we love it too! $18.99

●     Le Provençal Rosé – A classic from southern France, this lively wine delights with flavors of peach and citrus. Refreshing and versatile, we often find that one bottle isn’t enough. $14.99

●     Josh Cellars Rosé – A perfect pairing for sunsets, this California rosé is fermented cold to preserve its lively, fresh flavors of white peaches and strawberries. The perfect wine to stock up on. $12.49

●     Stella Rosa Stella Pink – Juicy, semi-sweet, and lightly effervescent, this rosé is the party. Bursting with juicy red berries and hints of peach, we love this wine for brunch or poolside sipping. $11.49

Stop in Lisa’s Liquor Barn to shop our rosé garden, or place your order online. And don’t forget to check our events page for our upcoming wine and spirits tastings. If you have any questions, give us a call at 585-377-1860 or send an email through our contact form. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help. We’re located at 2157 Penfield Road and appreciate you making Lisa’s Liquor Barn the best place to shop in Rochester.