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Thanks for supporting a true Texas Vodka. For years, my home-made vodka has been enjoyed by my friends and family and now I’m proud to share it with you. My recipe takes time. I start with 100% American Yellow Corn which produces a gluten-free vodka and gives Western Son Texas Vodka a distinct, semi-sweet finish. I column-distill Western Son Texas Vodka ten times to produce the smoothest vodka possible. Similar to the finest whiskeys and wines, I produce my vodka in small batches. Small batch production allows me to monitor every step of the distillation process down to the finest detail and ensures consistent quality in every batch. My process results in extremely clean, 80 proof vodka that I am proud to call Western Son Texas Vodka. Western Son Texas Vodka is made in the state of Texas and I personally invite you to compare Western Son Texas Vodka to any of the imported brands. I am confident that you will see that our American taste more than measures up. So grab a bottle and enjoy. -Michael Pfeiffer

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