If you have wine at your house that you’re not going to drink right away, it’s time to get serious about storage. From one bottle to one hundred, the last thing you want is to have compromised taste when it’s time to uncork. Big or small, don’t squander your collection by storing it poorly. Follow these tips to learn the best way to store wine at home. Wine Storage Tips for Optimal Preservation

Play it Cool

The most important thing to consider when storing wine is the temperature. Not to sound like Goldilocks, but you don’t want your wine to be too warm or too cold. The sweet spot is between 45℉ and 65℉, with many considering 55℉ pretty close to perfect. Believe it or not, even the average room temperature is too warm. Really hot temperatures can make it taste like pure alcohol or even a bit like vinegar.

Don’t store your wine in the fridge, either - a regular refrigerator is too cold (a couple of days after opening the bottle isn’t that bad, but we’re talking about long term storage here). The cork will dry out, allowing air to seep in and damage the wine. It can also leave the wine smelling musty. The garage in the winter might seem like a good option, but of course it runs the risk of freezing and pushing out the cork.

Be consistent with your temperature. Avoid major temperature fluctuations.

Don’t Go Toward the Light!

Sunlight’s UV rays, as well as harsh interior lighting, can lead to degradation and prematurely-aged wine. Keep your bottles safe by storing them out of direct sunlight. If they’re near indoor lights, try to avoid fluorescent bulbs, as these do emit a tiny amount of ultraviolet light.

On Its Side (Just Don't Spin It)

If your bottles have screw caps or cork made of another material, this tip does not apply to you. But if you have a true cork, you definitely want to keep your bottles on their sides. This allows the liquid inside to keep the cork itself moist, preventing it from drying out, shrinking, and cracking. Storing it upright will dry out the cork, allowing air to seep in and ruin the wine, giving it a foul, musty odor.

And seriously, just because it’s on its side doesn’t mean you have to play spin the bottle. In fact, you really shouldn’t - spinning, shaking, and even vibrations can actually compromise the taste and aging process of the wine.

Where Should I Store My Bottles of Wine?

Following these tips, what’s the best place to store your bottles in your home? A great idea is to get a wine rack to ensure your bottles will remain sideways.


  • The basement
  • A cool, dark closet
  • A corner of a room with no direct sunlight


  • The kitchen (too hot)
  • The laundry room (too hot)
  • The garage (possibility of freezing)
  • The refrigerator (too cold)

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