Anyone who’s taken a trip to the Finger Lakes wine region will be the first to admit how unique and impressive the growing conditions are in the area. For those of us in New York who are fortunate enough to have this area so close to home, it can be easy to forget just how many fun local wines there are to explore. For our customers in other states, if you’ve yet to experience wine from the Finger Lakes, you’re in for quite a treat!

As one of New York’s leading sellers of wine from around the world, the staff at Lisa’s Liquor Barn thought we would take a moment to share some of our favorite and best-selling local Finger Lakes varieties. Be sure to browse the entire category to find that perfect bottle for your next gathering or special event! 













With more than 200 varieties of Finger Lakes wine and one of the most knowledgeable teams of wine experts on staff, Lisa’s Liquor Barn is here to help you expand your palate, sample the best of what our region has to offer, and make the process of ordering simple. The majority of our Finger Lakes wines are in-stock at our Penfield, NY store, and can be shipped throughout the state, as well as several other destinations. 

Lisa’s Liquor Barn is located at 2157 Penfield Rd in Penfield, NY and here to help however we can. Questions for our staff of wine experts? Get in touch by phone at 585-377-1860 or write to us via email through our contact page.