Ok, fellow wine aficionados… National Wine Day is Wednesday, May 25th, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you plan to celebrate your appreciation for all things wine. Whether you’re staying in, heading out, or hosting an event, there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to gather and toast with others who regard a good glass of wine as so much more than just another adult beverage. It’s a chance to try new varieties, catch up with loved ones, and reflect on everything that means so much to you.

Group of people wine tasting at a vineyard
Anyone who’s ever shopped at Lisa’s Liquor Barn understands how seriously we take our wine selection. In the spirit of keeping things festive, we’re taking a break from our normal routine to share some ideas on how to celebrate National Wine Day this year. Cheers!

  • Host a wine tasting at your home with friends, family, or work colleagues
  • Treat yourself to a fancy bottle of wine in celebration of your accomplishments
  • Surprise a spouse or loved one with their favorite wine and a romantic gesture
  • Ship a bottle to a close friend with an invitation to join you for an online toast
  • Try something new to expand your palate, a variety you’ve never considered
  • Bonus idea! Buy a bottle to put away for next year’s National Wine Day!

What’s this you say? You’ve never celebrated National Wine Day? We’ll, then we would say that you’re definitely due! For more clever wine-inspired ideas, or to find the perfect bottle for this year’s gatherings and tastings, check out our wine inventory online, or visit our superstore in the Rochester area to see what’s new, popular getting rave reviews. Our staff is here to answer all of your questions or assist you in locating that perfect vintage for your event.

Lisa’s Liquor Barn is located at 2157 Penfield Rd in Penfield, NY and here to help however we can. Questions for our staff of wine experts? Get in touch by phone at 585-377-1860 or write to us via email through our contact page.