2021 Hand Work Tempranillo 1L

Aroma: The Hand Work has that classic Tempranillo blueberry and cherry fruit. It's fresh, ripe, and inviting; vivid in how it really smells of ripe blueberries and cherries. The Hand Work also has a little it of an undercurrent of perfumey lilac to the aroma too.

Taste: Wow! It's....grapey! Yes, I have finally broken down and described a wine as grapey. I apologize. But it is. Hand Work Tempranillo has this vivid juicy blue sort of fruit that really legitimately is grapey. There's a bit of young tannin to the finish as well that makes the wine a bit more rustic and way more fun than if it was just a simple fruit bomb. The young acidity also really makes the wine more fun, energetic, and thirst quenching. Those structural characteristics help make the Hand Work interesting and fun, it's still overall a fruit driven red wine. And that's great! The balance of those tastes works out quite well and makes the wine fun and easy to drink but at the same time vivid and characterful.

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