2020 Nerello Mascalese Lenza Di Munti 750ml

Made with selected grapes grown on lava terraces at an average altitude of 720 m above sea level, these Etna wines represent a unique combination of the typical elegance of mountain wine and minerality due to volcanic origin. The extraordinary wealth of minerals in Etna's volcanic soils is the source of the very sapid and typical flavor of the wines produced here.  The quality of the soil is closely tied to Etna’s volcanic origins, as it was formed through the disintegration of lavas with different compositions and from different eras, and eruptive materials such as sands, ashes, pumice stone and “lapilli”. Even the climate distinguishes the Etna area respect to the rest of Sicily. The average temperatures on the mountains are lower and the climate also changes depending on the slope and the altitude. From a winemaking standpoint, the wine diurnal temperature range is fundamental, as it gives the wines their freshness and elegant aromas.

Wine Production

Nerello Mascalese is a late ripening black grape hystorically prevalent on Etna, that takes its name from Mascali territory where it was selected a few centuries ago. 

Tasting Notes

Vivid ruby red. Floral scents with notes of wild strawberry and red currant, with slightly spicy hints on the nose. A dry, juicy and harmonious taste, with great freshness and a long, fruity finish.

Food Pairing

Ideal for pairing with eggplant Parmigiana, cauliflower pancakes, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and other flavorful pasta dishes.

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