John L Sullivan Irish Whiskey 750ml

Do not mistake this quirky little whiskey as a gimmicky or one-off collectable. While attempting to introduce something new to the market, the folks behind John L. Sullivan whiskey might have just struck gold. When you taste the Sullivan "Irish Bourbon" (a name that has already been banned by the U.S. Federal Government, so don't expect to see this label for much longer), you'll understand exactly what we mean. Imagine all the smooth, easy-drinking, and sweet-barley character of your favorite Jameson bottle, but add in the rich oak flavor of your favorite Bourbon on the finish. Whoever blended these two components together did so with an absolutely masterful touch. The creamy texture of 10 year old Irish goodness (aged in sherry, no less) melds harmoniously and seamlessly with the bold American whiskey character. Rather than losing their identities in the process, these two whiskies elevate one another and improve their finest aspects. In fact, this whiskey is so good you might find yourself adding a bit of Redbreast to your next glass of Buffalo Trace, or vice versa. Beware of buying this bottle, however: it won't last the week once you open it. This whiskey is simply too delicious and too drinkable to sip slowly.

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